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On the other hand, many business owners seek to resolve an employment dispute by paying a settlement in exchange for a release of all claims, only to find out that the release of claims is invalid due to a technical violation that could have been easily remedied at the outset.  The company bought peace, but ended up in court anyway, usually without getting the money back.  It is important that business owners have severance agreements reviewed by an employment law specialist.

Employment arbitration agreements, and particularly class action waivers, can be very useful in managing exposure to employment lawsuits.  But the law in this area is unsettled.  This is one task that should not be done without guidance from an employment law specialist.   

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, employment agreements of all types should be drafted or at least reviewed by an attorney experienced in employment law.     

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Mark Beutler has years of experience in drafting, reviewing and, when necessary, litigating various types of employment contracts. These include:

  • Severance agreements
  • Arbitration agreements
  • Executive employment agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements.
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Jury trial waivers

Before you enter into an employment contract that may affect your salary, benefits, severance package, or future ability to work, you should review your rights and obligations with an experienced employment attorney.  We have experience counseling individuals preparing to enter into an employment agreement.  We will review all of your options and alternatives, carefully explain the implication of the salient provisions, future difficulties that might arise, and assist you in negotiating an employment contract agreement that safeguards your rights.

Disputes regarding wages and hours, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, severance packages, or other contractual obligations between the employer and the employee are common. If you have entered into an employment contract and now face a dispute, we can assist you in protecting your rights. Whether you are interested in protecting your job, challenging an obligation, or asserting your rights against an employer who has breached the terms of the contract, we will work to resolve the dispute and protect your interests.  

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